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What Happens When
the Unstoppable
Force of Tallahassee
Influence Meets an
Immovable Object of Principled Representation?

Learn How Tod's Lifetime of Service has Prepared Him as the Only Candidate You Can Trust to Not Be Bullied.

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Join the Effort to Elect an Incorruptible Voice for Us

Thanks for Joining the Fight!

Volunteer Coordinator Nikki Snyder 


Doing your own research and homework on the candidates? 

Hear from Tod in his own words from Citrus County's newspaper. 

Representation for Marion County Too


The newly drawn district 23 contains the greater Dunnellon area in southwest Marion County. 

Tod was the only candidate to attend the Junior League's forum and has actively campaigned in Marion County to assure these 20,000+ residents that their interests won't be overlooked because the district is primarily Citrus County.


Protect Natural Resources

Proudly No Build to the Turnpike Extension

Sunset Kayak

Tod's Platform


Quality of Life

Keep our waterways clean and smartly manage growth

Police Cars

Support First Responders

Ensure benefits earned are received for all who served

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A Lifetime of Service

As a teenager, Tod Cloud enlisted in the Marines. This began a lifetime of service that included law enforcement as a Crystal River police officer and over two decades with the Florida Highway Patrol. 

From a career as a state trooper to a new venture as a statesman, Tod Cloud is ready to continue serving you as he has his entire life. 

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